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talc processing equipment


What is talc :

Talc is a hydrothermal alteration minerals. Magnesium-rich minerals by hydrothermal alteration are often become talc what often has olivine, enstatite, hornblende, tremolite and other minerals that are the illusion of a common silicate minerals, with a creamy feel . Talc chemical composition is Mg3 [Si4O10] (OH) 2, the crystal belongs to triclinic system with layered structure of silicate minerals. Leave six-party Flake single crystal is rare to see, and it is generally for compact block, leaf-shaped, fibrous or radial aggregates. It has white or a variety of light-colored and streaks often display white, fat luster (massive) or pearl luster (sheet aggregates) and semi-transparent. The Mohs scale of mineral hardness is1 and specific gravity is 2.6-2.8. A group is complete cleavage and flexible thin slices. Slip sense, thermal insulation and insulation are strong

Processing technic

talc Processing technic Shanghai Xuanshi for talc and other various materials produced the mill that function to accept a 20mm look, Mohs hardness of less than six non-inflammable materials.

The raw materials for crushed are mainly include calcite, gypsum, talc, feldspar, barite, kaolin and other materials. Due to the big change that makes the material from top to bottom to go through several grinding between the grinding rollers and the roller assembly.

We take full advantage of roll grinding action of centrifugal force and contact area of the grinding ring, and therefore able to produce a high degree of fineness of the powder.The fineness of the finished products are mainly distributed in the 5-45 micron, the use of industrial powder is mainly in chemicals, pharmaceuticals and building materials, such as paints, pigments and pulp additives.

It is designed to change the structure of the traditional mill with carbide grinding roller and the grinding ring, greatly extended service life and does not require frequent replacement of wearing parts, greatly improving the efficiency.

The necessary equipment:

talc raymond mill

Talc Raymond Mill is the efficient closed loop fine milling equipment to adapt to small and medium-sized mining, chemicals, building materials, metallurgy, refractories, pharmaceuticals, cement and other industries. It is a new mill to replace the ball mill processing powder and production energy consumption to meet the national standards and it is ranking the domestic advanced level. It gets more praise of customers in each industry. Talc Raymond Mill is what get advanced structure of similar foreign products, and improved design made on the basis of large-scale Raymond Mill. The device is higher than the Ball Mill efficiency, low power consumption, small footprint and one-time investment is small.

Raymond Mill grinding rollers firmly in the role of the centrifugal force of roller compacted in the grinding ring, so to a certain thickness does not affect the finished product yield and fineness of grinding roller and grinding ring wear. Raymond Mill grinding roller and grinding ring replacement cycle is long, thus excluding the centrifugal mill consumable parts replacement the malady of cycle short.

Raymond Mill winnowing flow circular flow of operations within the fan - grinding shell - cyclone - fan, so less than the high-speed centrifugal mill dust The operation workshop is clean and no pollution to the environment.

talc high pressure suspension grinding mill

The talc high pressure suspension grinding mill is one type of ultrafine mill. It is mainly applicable to the processing of Mohs hardness below 9.3 and humidity below 6% a variety of non-explosive mineral materials processing. It is widely used in metallurgy, building materials, chemicals, mining, highway construction, water conservancy utilities and other industries. It is an ideal choice for processing quartz, feldspar, calcite, limestone, talc, ceramics, marble, granite, dolomite, bauxite, iron ore, barite, bentonite, gangue, coal and other materials. The finished product fineness of the material can be adjusted between 0.613mm to 0.033mm.

talc High Pressure Suspension Grinding Mill

Talc High Pressure Suspension Grinding Mill mainly by the host, the fine analysis machine, blower, finished whirlwind plot of powder, bag filter and link the wind pipe. According to user needs can also be equipped with auxiliary equipment to enhance the machine such as a storage silo, electromagnetic vibrating feeder and electrical control cabinet. In the host, and roller components through the cross arm suspension in the roll grinding hanger on, roll grinding hanger with the spindle and blade knife fixed contact pressure spring roller bearings room cantilevered outer end face, cross arm fulcrum to force the grinding rollers tightly pressed on the circular surface grinding ring mounted on the shovel blade on the tool holder and roller synchronous rotating the roller round rolling in the grinding ring at the same time, when the motor through a gear-driven spindle rotation, rotation. Impeller rotation analysis of the motor through a gear-driven machine, the higher the impeller speed, the finer the powder will sub-elected. In order to ensure that the mill work in the vacuum state, the increase in gas will be through trachea what between the fan and the host discharged into the bag filter, and then discharge into the air after purification.

Talc 6R High Pressure Suspension Grinding mill working principle:

talc 6R high pressure suspension grinding mill Kaolin 6R High Pressure Suspension Grinding Mill working principle: Material through the jaw crusher, the hoist by the electromagnetic feeder according to the working situation of the host make the material into the grinding zone homogeneity. Then using a shovel blade scooping up the materials sent to the grinding belt which is between grinding roller and grinding ring.Grinding device equipped with high-pressure spring, so that the grinding pressure between the roller and grinding ring increased 1.2 times, while reducing the frequency of the roller device back and forth, to increase stability and improve the work efficiency of the mill.

The materials what is a fine power under the effect of the wind in the loop, with the air to rise into the analysis of machine precision of Particle Size, of which does not meet the requirements to return the host to re-grind and the ones which to meet the requirements with the air flow into the cyclone powder collector. The powder carried out from the discharge port and the air return to the fan.

The right amount of airflow is working inside the machine in a cycle by through the pipeline device for the process of grinding. Excess airflow what water evaporation in materials enters into the back wind tube through bag-type dust remover and pulsed dust collector purification and then discharge. Overall part use of Baosteel Group, which produces high manganese steel and made of combination of advanced production technology. Compared with other products, it has rugged, wear-resistant, long life cycle characteristics.

The talc winnowing type powder mill

The talc winnowing type powder mill The talc winnowing type powder mill is the newly-developed mill that on the basis of absorbing domestic and foreign products of advanced technology. Through the rough waves, crushing, wind conveying device composed of the form of high-speed impact on the purpose of crushing and use of wind energy once into a powder to the abolition of the traditional screening process. The machine is suitable for chemical, graphite, fuel, oil, building materials, ores, cement, refractories and other industries. It can be used for processing lithopone, carbon, graphite, gypsum powder, feldspar powder, diamond, gold ore and other materials. Compared to the traditional ball mill, it has the advantages of small size, light weight, low power consumption and the product fineness can be 20-1500 meshes of arbitrary regulation. It is a new multi-functional micro-grinding mechanical.

The winnowing type powder mill structural characteristics and working principle: 1.A micro-grinding is made of the chassis, enclosure, blower, leaf plates, blades, wear plates, feed hopper and other parts. 2 Micro grinding attached machine by the fan plug file, the wind to take the throttle and draft set powder device filter bag. 3. Micro-grinding working principle, this machine is driven by the motor via a belt drive high-speed operation of the grinder spindle crushed materials sent by the wind wheel set of powder from the device. 4, The powder collector device structure and filter cloth bag that the user should select based on the crushed materials, and according to the needs of the user, our company can order processing.

talc grinding mill Applications:

talc grinding mill appication

Soft talc instead of chalk draw white traces.
Talc generally was massive, leaf-shaped, fibrous or radial pattern and the color is white, gray, and with a variety of colors because it will contain other impurities. Talc has a lot of applications such as for refractory materials, paper, rubber, fillers, pesticides, absorbent, leather paint, make-up materials and carving materials and so on. The specific application of talc: used for a variety of moisturizing powder, talcum powder, etc.;
Can be used for pharmaceutical tablets, pharmaceutical powder, food additives, release agent etc.;
Used for the white pigment, primer, protective lacquer;
Packing for all types of paper and paperboard, wood, pitch control agents;
For polypropylene, nylon, PVC, plastic filler;
Anti-adhesive for rubber filler and rubber products;
For cable rubber by the agent, the cable release agent;
For the radio porcelain, industrial ceramics;
For the waterproof membrane, waterproof coatings, waterproof ointment;
For paint and coatings, plastics, cables, rubber, cosmetics, etc..

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