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pulverized coal processing equipment

pulverized coal

What is the pulverized coal

Pulverized coal presented the suspension state in the furnace when it was burning, the majority of combustibles in coal-fired can burn in the furnace, while a large number of pulverized coal in a non-combustible material (mainly ash) mixed with the high-temperature flue gas. These non-combustible material partial melting due to the high temperature, and come into being a large number of small spherical particles for the effect of surface tension. The exhaust under the action of the rear of the boiler induced draft fan contains a lot of ash in the flue gas flows into the furnace tail. With the reduction of the flue gas temperature, part of the melting of fine-grained quench to a certain extent was vitreous state, which has a high potential activity. Before the induced draft fan in the flue gas into the atmosphere, these small spherical particles through the dust remover to be separated, collected, then become the fly ash. The fly ash chemical composition similar to the clay mainly that composed of silicon dioxide, aluminum oxide, ferric oxide, calcium oxide and unburned carbon.

pulverized coal Processing technic

pulverized coal Processing technic Shanghai Xuanshi fly ash mill processing fly ash with reasonable energy consumption and simple process, so that make the moisture of fly ash is low, in order to change waste into treasure and achieve social and economic benefits bumper. The fly ash drying machine is widely used to solve the fly ash pollution and disposal problems, at the same time to make the fly ash become to treasure, increasing the economic benefits, so that the fly ash has been widely used.

Comprehensive utilization of fly ash is mainly proceeding it levigation for the original ash and coarse ash from coal-fired power plant emissions, and then get the fineness of end products that make the water hard activity.

Production and preparation of high performance concrete, high-level doped together ultrafine ash, lime, cement, the cementing material, and aluminum hair gas agent, grinding through the mill, metering, mixing, pouring, static stopped, cutting, steam curing and other processes, greatly improving the powder coal ash comprehensive utilization of economic efficiency, to achieve all the comprehensive utilization of fly ash to create greater value for money.

The necessary equipment:

pulverized coal raymond mill

The fly ash Raymond Mill performance characteristics :1,The whole three-dimensional structure, small footprint, systematic strong, and from the roughing of raw materials to delivery, milling and final packaging can be its own independent production systems. 2, Refined powder fineness of uniform and pass the screening rate of 99%, which is difficult to have other milling equipment. 3,Machine gears with sealed gear boxes and pulleys that make the transmission smooth and reliable operation. 4, The important component of Raymond Mill use high quality steel and wear parts are made of wear-resistant materials that make the machine has high wear resistance and reliable operation. Host blade knife in the operation is always in contact with the material, so blade knife consists of upper and lower two parts, lower seat wear remove the connecting bolts can be swapped. 5, The electrical system of centralized control, milling workshop can realize unmanned operation basically and easy maintenance. 6, Little dust pollution and low noise. 7, Using the electromagnetic vibrating feeder to feed evenly, easy to adjust, small size, light weight, fuel-efficient power-saving, easy to maintain. Fly Ash Raymond Mill main structure: the aircraft structure is mainly composed by the host, analyzer, fans, finished cyclone, of micronized cyclone and duct. Among them, the host consist of the rack, inlet air volute, blade, grinding roller, grinding ring and encloser.

Fly ash High Pressure Suspension Grinding Mill

Fly ash High Pressure Suspension Grinding Mill is mainly applied to the processing Mohs hardness of 9.3 and humidity below 6% of a variety of non-explosive mineral materials. It has a wide range of applications in metallurgy, building materials, chemicals, mining, highway construction, water conservancy and hydropower industry. It is the ideal choice for processing quartz, feldspar, calcite, limestone, talc, ceramics, marble, granite, dolomite, bauxite, iron ore, barite, bentonite, coal gangue and other materials. The finished product fineness of the material can be adjusted between 0.613 mm to 0.033 mm.

pulverized coal High Pressure Suspension Grinding Mill

Fly ash High Pressure Suspension Grinding Mill mainly by the host, the fine analysis machine, blower, finished whirlwind plot of powder, bag filter and link the wind pipe. According to user needs can also be equipped with auxiliary equipment to enhance the machine such as a storage silo, electromagnetic vibrating feeder and electrical control cabinet. In the host, and roller components through the cross arm suspension in the roll grinding hanger on, roll grinding hanger with the spindle and blade knife fixed contact pressure spring roller bearings room cantilevered outer end face, cross arm fulcrum to force the grinding rollers tightly pressed on the circular surface grinding ring mounted on the shovel blade on the tool holder and roller synchronous rotating the roller round rolling in the grinding ring at the same time, when the motor through a gear-driven spindle rotation, rotation. Impeller rotation analysis of the motor through a gear-driven machine, the higher the impeller speed, the finer the powder will sub-elected.

pulverized coal 6r High Pressure Suspension Grinding Mill

pulverized coal 6r High Pressure Suspension Grinding Mill Fly ash 6R High Pressure Suspension Grinding Mill working principle: Material through the jaw crusher, the hoist by the electromagnetic feeder according to the working situation of the host make the material into the grinding zone homogeneity. Then using a shovel blade scooping up the materials sent to the grinding belt which is between grinding roller and grinding ring.Grinding device equipped with high-pressure spring, so that the grinding pressure between the roller and grinding ring increased 1.2 times, while reducing the frequency of the roller device back and forth, to increase stability and improve the work efficiency of the mill. The materials what is a fine power under the effect of the wind in the loop, with the air to rise into the analysis of machine precision of Particle Size, of which does not meet the requirements to return the host to re-grind and the ones which to meet the requirements with the air flow into the cyclone powder collector. The powder carried out from the discharge port and the air return to the fan.

The right amount of airflow through the plumbing device working inside the machine cycle in the process of grinding. Excess airflow what formed in water evaporation that enter into the return air tube and then discharged after bag filter or purification pulse dust collector. The overall components are made of high manganese steel and combined with an advanced manufacturing process. Compare to other products it has the characteristics of rugged, wear-resistant and long life cycle.

pulverized coal ball mill

pulverized coal ball mill Ball Mill by feeding part, the discharging part, turning part, transmission part (reducer, small driving gear, motors, electrical control) and other main part compose. The hollow shaft using steel-casting, lined with removable rotary gear casting hobbing process, the body inlaid cylinder liner wear, has good wear resistance and the machine is running smooth and reliable operation. The ball mill hosts main including cylinder, the body inlaid cylinder liner made of wear-resistant materials, bearing cylinder and maintain its rotating bearing, but also part of the drive, such as electric motors, and transmission gear, pulley, belt etc.. Called the blade parts is generally not the main components of the feed inlet of the components of the feed side can be called within the spiral helical blade components in the discharge end of the spout with inner spiral can be called helical blade. In addition, the discharge end of the auxiliary equipment with spiral transport aircraft, the device will be called the parts of the helical blade, but strictly speaking it is not part of the ball mill. According to materials and ways of discharge, you can choose the dry ball mill and wet-lattice-type ball mill. Energy-saving ball mill, self-aligning double row spherical roller bearings, running small resistance, significant energy saving effect. The cylindrical part, the increase in the original cylinder discharge end of a period of cone cylinder, not only increasing the effective volume of the mill, and also allows the barrel media more rational allocation of. The products are widely used non-ferrous metals, ferrous metals, non-metallic mineral processing field and chemicals, building materials industry for material grinding use.

pulverized coal Fly Ash Dryer Fly Ash Dryer mainly consist of a cylinder, bearing devices, fixed devices and end seals and other components. Cylinder is the matrix of dryer that it is as the heat transfer and mass transfer process in its internal, and take the important role in moving the transportation of materials .
Cylinder bearing unit is composed by the rolling circle, wheel and gear wheel.The entire cylinder weight by rolling circle pass to supporting wheel rolling circle rolling on the occasional round gear wheel from blocking the tube axis traverse the role. Fly ash dryer gearing device including: motor, reducer, gear, ring gear, in and out equipment, and sealing devices. It has the advantages of reasonable structure, well-made, high output, low energy consumption and convenient operation. The fly ash dryer is mainly used for mineral processing, building materials, metallurgy, chemical industry, cement industry and other sectors. Dryer has high adaptability of materials and it can dry various materials. The equipment is simple and reliable so it is widely adopted.
Fly Ash Dryer product advantages: 1, drying of various materials; 2, the device structure is simple and easy to operate; 3, stable performance and reliable operation; 4, high efficiency and the drying effect is good.

pulverized coal Applications:

pulverized coal application

At present ,the fly ash is mainly used in the production of fly ash cement, fly ash bricks, fly ash blocks, fly ash aerated concrete and other building materials. It can be also used as agricultural fertilizer and soil conditioner. the recycling of industrial raw materials and the environmentally friendly materials. Fly ash in the cement industry and the concrete works: fly ash instead of clay raw materials to produce cement, as cement admixture, clinker cement, mortar or concrete admixture, and processing of light heat insulation brick.
Fly ash in building products: steaming fly ash bricks, sintered fly ash bricks, autoclaved production of foam fly ash insulation bricks, processing fly ash blocks, fly ash aerated concrete and fly ash aggregate.
Fly ash as an agricultural fertilizer and soil conditioner: fly ash has a good physical and chemical properties can be widely used in the transformation of heavy clay, immature soil, acid soil and saline-alkali soil, and make up for its acid thin plate of sticky defects. Fly ash contain the nutrients necessary for a large number of citrate acid soluble silicon, calcium and magnesium phosphorus and other crops, it can be used for agricultural fertilizer use. Recycling of industrial raw materials: recovery of coal resources, and recycled metal material fly ash containing Fe2O3, Al2O3, and a large number of rare metals, can be divided into election hollow microspheres.
For environmental protection material: the use of fly ash to can be manufacturing the the environmentally friendly materials of the molecular sieve, flocculant, and adsorption materials. Fly ash can also be used to to deal with the wastewater that contains fluoride, heavy metal ion. It is also used for electroplating wastewater and oily wastewater.

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