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potash feldspar processing equipment

potash feldspar

What is potash feldspar:

Feldspar is potassium, sodium, calcium, alkali metal or alkaline earth metal silicate mineral, also known as the feldspar group minerals. K-feldspar is usually also known as orthoclase and belong to monoclinic system and it is usually preset the flesh pink, white or gray. Density 2.54-2.57g/cm3, the proportion of 2.56 ~ 2.59g/cm3, hardness 6, in addition to orthoclase, there are two homogeneous and more like a variant: sanidine and potassium microcline feldspar. The former is also belong to the monoclinic system, also known as orthoclase and the latter belongs to the triclinic system.

Processing technic

potash feldspar Processing technic Shanghai Xuanshi is a specialist provider of potash feldspar processing equipment, we provide a full range of potash feldspar processing equipment according to the actual needs of customers. We have been committed to research and development of potash feldspar processing to continue to develop quality products and cost-effective potash feldspar beneficiation process. The new concentrator design process can greatly increase your mining investment returns. The reasonable prices and quality service are sincere cooperation with your premise.
Shanghai Xuanshi potash feldspar of the performance advantages of the process:
A The advanced processing principle, reliable operation.
2, Comprehensive performance improved.
3, Easy maintenance, saving time.
4, Large output and high efficiency.
5, The high investment returns and quick effect.

The necessary equipment:

potash feldspar jaw crusher

K-feldspar jaw crusher is based on motor power, through the motor pulley by the triangle belt and slot wheel drive eccentric shaft, so that the movable jaw for reciprocating movement to a predetermined trajectory, which will enter the fixed jaw plate, movable jaw plate and the side shield crushing cavity composed of materials to be broken, and the finished material discharged through the bottom of the discharging port. This series of jaw crusher broken song moving extrusion type, motor-driven belt and pulley up and down movement of the movable jaw by the eccentric shaft, when the rise of the moving jaw toggle plate and moving jaw angle larger, thus promoting the movable jaw at the same time the material is squeezed, rubbing, grinding, and multiple broken plate close to the fixed jaw plate; when moving jaw downstream angle between toggle plate and moving jaw, movable jaw plate to leave the lever action of the spring the fixed jaw plate, then the crushed material discharged from the crushing chamber under the mouth, continuous rotation with the motor broken motor jaw for a cyclical crushed and discharging, realize the batch production.
The performance characteristics of K-feldspar jaw crusher: 1.The simple structure, convenient maintenance, stable performance and operation cost is low, the broken ratio is big; 2.The crushing cavity is deep and without dead zone, so it improves the feeding capacity and output; 3.The big crushing ratio, particle size uniform product; 4. Gasket type discharging mouth adjusting devices, convenient and reliable, and the adjusting range is big, increase the flexibility of the equipment; 5. Lubrication system safe and reliable, easy to change parts, maintenance workload is small; 6. Simple structure, reliable work, operation cost is low; 7. Single energy saving 15% ~ 30%, and system energy saving double above; 8. Discharging mouth adjustable range is big so can meet different customers’ requirements. 9. Low noise, little dust.

potash feldspar sand making machine

K-feldspar sand making machineis the high-performance crushing equipment that is the results of the latest design of working conditions and combined with China's current domestic production of the world's advanced level. It is a perfect combination of unique rotor structure design, the process of wear-resistant materials, broken speed, optimization and hydraulic design. Professional crushing technology and machinery perfect combination of a model that fully reflects the new technologies, new processes.The K-feldspar sand making machine is the most effective choice that produces the ideal mechanism sand and concrete aggregate in the artificial sand industry and obtains the high-quality and good grain shape gravel products in the field of stone shaping.

potash feldspar sand making machine

The machine is offering high quality gravel and aggregate for highway, high-speed railway, high-rise buildings, municipal, construction of hydroelectric dams and concrete batching plant that is a prefer device for artificial sand and stone shaping. It solves the problem of a multi-purpose machine, patented circular waterfall drop feed system and liner transformation, can be a clever conversion of the stone at the stone and the stone blacksmith; the use of advanced hydraulic openings device so that the crushing cavity vulnerability parts replacement convenient; double pump oil lubrication system of independent research and development to ensure the healthy functioning of the main bearing system; high-tech automatic monitor can automatically shut down the machine adverse or warn. Due to the unique design concept, the VSIX centrifugal impact crusher (sand making machine) greatly improve the production efficiency and quality of the final product and significantly reducing the cost of production and consumption of wearing parts, and its low price than the imported equipment to meet demand for the domestic market.

potash feldspar Raymond Mill

potash feldspar Raymond Mill When potash feldspar Raymond mill working, need to crush the material into the hopper of the machine casing side to join the machine to rely on hanging in the host plum rack roller device turn around the vertical axis, while itself rotation due to the rotation the effect of centrifugal force, and roller swing outward, pressed on the grinding ring, so that the shovel blade materials sent between the roller and grinding ring and grinding roller rolling roller compacted crushed materials.

Winnowing process: materials after grinding, the blower will wind in cabinet, blowing powder, placed above the grinding chamber of the analyzer for sorting, fine through coarse material to fall into the grinding chamber to re-grinding fineness meet the specifications with the air flow into the cyclone collector, the collected powder outlet discharge is finished. Romantic whirlwind collection of the top of the return air duct back into the blower, the wind path is circular, and the flow in the vacuum state, the air volume of the circulating air duct to increase some by blowers and host the middle of the exhaust pipe to discharge into the small cyclone collector, for purification.

The advantages of K-feldspar Raymond Mill : 1, three-dimensional structure, small footprint, complete sets of strong; 2,The finished product powder is fineness of uniform;3, transmission smooth, reliable operation; 4, the whole high wear resistance and long service life; 5, centralized control, the basic unmanned operation.

potash feldspar High Pressure Suspension Grinding Mill

potash feldspar  High Pressure Suspension Grinding Mill Potassium feldspar High Pressure Suspension Grinding Mill is mainly applicable to the processing of Mohs hardness below 9.3 and humidity below 6% a variety of non-explosive mineral materials processing, metallurgy, building materials, chemicals, mining, highway construction, water conservancy and hydropower the industry has a wide range of applications, processing quartz, feldspar, calcite, limestone, talc, ceramics, marble, granite, dolomite, bauxite, iron ore, barite, bentonite, coal gangue, coal, etc. the ideal choice of material, the material product fineness can be adjusted between 0.613 mm to 0.033 mm.

Potassium feldspar High Pressure Suspension Grinding Mill is mainly composed by the host, the fine analysis machine, Blower, finished whirlwind plot of powder, bag filter and link the wind pipe. According to user needs can also be equipped with auxiliary equipment to enhance the machine such as crusher, hoister, storage silo, electromagnetic vibrating feeder and electrical control cabinet. In the host, and roller components through the Horizontal axis bear suspension in the roller grinding hanger, roller grinding hanger with the spindle and blade knife fixed contact pressure spring roller bearings room cantilevered outer end face, horizontal axis bear fulcrum to force the grinding rollers tightly pressed on the circular surface grinding ring mounted on the shovel blade on the tool holder and roller synchronous rotating the roller round rolling in the grinding ring at the same time, when the motor through a gear-driven spindle rotation, rotation. When impeller rotation analysis of the motor through a gear-driven machine, the higher the impeller speed, the finer of the sub-elected powder.

potash feldspar ball mil

potash feldspar ball mil Potassium feldspar Ball Mill is composed of feeding part, the discharging part, turning part and transmission part (reducer, small driving gear, motor, electronic control). The hollow shaft using steel, lined with removable rotary gear casting hobbing process, the body inlaid cylinder liner wear, has good wear resistance. The operation of the machine is stable, reliable work. The potassium feldspar Ball Mill hosts including cylinder, the body inlaid cylinder liner made wear-resistant materials, bearing cylinder and maintain its rotating bearing, but also part of the drive, such as electric motors, and transmission gear, pulley, belt etc. The blade parts is generally not the main components of the feed inlet of the components of the feed side can be called within the spiral helical blade components in the discharge end of the spout with inner spiral can be called helical blade. In addition, the discharge end of the auxiliary equipment with spiral transport aircraft, the device will be called the parts of the helical blade, but strictly speaking it is not part of the Ball Mill. According to materials and ways of discharge, you can choose the dry Ball Mill and wet-lattice-type Ball Mill. Energy-saving Ball Mill uses self-aligning double row spherical roller bearings. It has small running resistance and energy saving effect is significant. The cylindrical part, the increase in the original cylinder discharge end of a period of cone cylinder, not only increasing the effective volume of the mill, and also allows the barrel media more rational of allocation. The products are widely used non-ferrous metals, ferrous metals, non-metallic mineral processing field and chemicals, building materials industry for material grinding.

potash feldspar magnetic separator

potash feldspar magnetic separator Potassium feldspar magnetic separator working principle: The slurry through mine box into the tank and under the action of water in the water pipe to the mine, the mineral particles loose into the tank to the mining area. In the role of the magnetic field, the magnetic mineral particles of magnetic agglomeration and the formation of the magnetic group "or" flux, the magnetic group "or" flux "in the pulp by the magnetic force, to pole movement, while adsorbed on the cylinder . As the polarity of the magnetic poles along the direction of rotation of the cylinder is alternately arranged, and fixed at work, the magnetic group "or" magnetic chain "with the cylinder rotates, the magnetic poles alternately to produce the phenomenon of magnetic stirring, was mixed gangue and other non-magnetic minerals in the magnetic group "or" flux "and turning off, and eventually being sucked in the cylindrical surface of the magnetic group" or "magnetic lotus" is to concentrate. Concentrate with the cylinder to the weakest at the edge of the magnetic force of magnetic system, the role of the spray the rinse water in the unloading ore pipe was unloaded into the concentrate tank, full magnetic magnetic roller, unloading ore is the brush roll. Non-magnetic or weakly magnetic minerals are left with the pulp in the pulp to discharge slot, that is tailings.

potash feldspar Applications:

potash feldspar application

K-feldspar has a low melting point (1150 ± 20 ℃), melting interval for a long time, and higher melt viscosity and it is widely used in the industrial sector of ceramic materials, ceramic glazes, glass, porcelain, abrasive materials and manufacturing potash .

Feldspar minerals as well as glass industrial raw materials (the total amount of 50-60%) in the ceramic industry account for 30%, the rest for the chemical industry, the flux of glass, ceramic body ingredients, ceramic glaze, enamel raw materials abrasives, fiberglass, welding and other industries. It is mainly used for glass, ceramics, and also can be used for the preparation of potash fertilizer. The better quality of K-feldspar is also used in the manufacture of television imaging glass bulb.

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