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manganese processing equipment

manganese ore

What is the manganese ore:

Manganese is widely distributed in nature, almost all kinds of ores and silicate rocks containing manganese. The most common manganese ore is anhydrous and hydrous manganese oxide and manganese carbonate, manganese material now known to have 150 kinds, but the highest manganese, a lot of enrichment to the formation of the economic value of the manganese mineral, however 5-6 One of the most important, the most economic value of pyrolusite and hollandite, in addition to water manganese brown manganese, hausmannite, rhodochrosite, etc.. These minerals manganese content up to about 50 to 70 percent manganese that is an important industrial mineral.

manganese ore Processing technic

manganese ore Processing technic Shanghai Xuanshi is a specialized provider of manganese ore processing equipment, we provide a full range of manganese ore processing equipment according to clients' needs.

We have been committed to research and development of manganese processing to continue to develop quality products and cost-effective manganese beneficiation process. The new concentrator design process can greatly increase your mining investment returns. The reasonable prices and quality service are sincere cooperation with your premise.

XSM manganese ore processing performance advantages:

1, The advanced beneficiation principle and reliable operation.

2, The comprehensive performance improved.

3, Easy maintenance and saving time.

4, Large output and high efficiency.

5, The high investment returns and quick effect.

The necessary equipment:

Manganese ore jaw crusher is based on motor power, through the motor pulley by the triangle belt and slot wheel drive eccentric shaft, so that the movable jaw for reciprocating movement to a predetermined trajectory, which will enter the fixed jaw plate, movable jaw plate and the side shield crushing cavity composed of materials to be broken, and the finished material discharged through the bottom of the discharging port. This series of jaw crusher broken song moving extrusion type, motor-driven belt and pulley up and down movement of the movable jaw by the eccentric shaft, when the rise of the moving jaw toggle plate and moving jaw angle larger, thus promoting the movable jaw at the same time the material is squeezed, rubbing, grinding, and multiple broken plate close to the fixed jaw plate; when moving jaw downstream angle between toggle plate and moving jaw, movable jaw plate to leave the lever action of the spring the fixed jaw plate, then the crushed material discharged from the crushing chamber under the mouth, continuous rotation with the motor broken motor jaw for a cyclical crushed and discharging, realize the batch production.

manganese ore jaw crusher

Manganese ore jaw crushers for large complex tilting, is the successful experience of the company set of similar products at home and abroad, specially designed rock crusher for the industrial sectors of mining, metallurgy building material, highway, railway, water conservancy quarry and road and industry departments. The product specification is complete, feed particle size from 210mm to 1200 mm. The PE Jaw crusher material compressive strength can be up to 300Mpa . It is the preferred device of primary crushing in the complete crushing production line. The PE series to be used for primary crushing and the PEX series is using the fine crushing.

manganese ore Cone Crusher

manganese ore cone crusher

The working of the manganese ore Cone Crusher,electrical coupling through the fluid, small bevel gear-driven eccentric sleeve at the bottom of the bevel gear, the eccentric sleeve rotation, resulting in the cone for rotary swing broken materials.

The spindle of the machine is not moving, the only branch of the Shan spherical tile, to withstand the crushing force.

The eccentric sleeve pass crusher spindle fixed crushing force, the structure can withstand greater crushing force, well adapted to crushing and ultra-fine crushing, because the ultra-fine crushing crushing force is very large.

The manganese ore Cone Crusher, part two truncated cone, a fixed cone (also known as outside cone) and the other is moving cone (also known as the inner cone). Fixed cone is standing, is part of the rack, moving cone hinge installed at the point O of its lower end inserted in the eccentric bushing, so the fixed cone center axis OO ', the center axis of the moving cone OO1 intersects an oblique angle .

When the rotation of the OO1 around the OO ', so that the moving cone partial rotary movement along the inside surface of the fixed cone.

Moving cone to move closer to the cone section where materials by moving cone extrusion, percussion and bending role in the crushing chamber; moving cone deviate from the fixed cone, has been crushing the material under its own weight from the conical bottom discharged, the discharge port, loading material from the feed inlet.

manganese ore ball mill

manganese ore ball mill Manganese ore energy-saving ball mill is composed of feeding part, the discharging part, turning part and transmission part (reducer, small driving gear, motor, electronic control). The hollow shaft using steel, lined with removable rotary gear casting hobbing process, the body inlaid cylinder liner wear, has good wear resistance. The operation of the machine is stable, reliable work. Manganese ore energy-saving ball mill is key equipment for the material to be broken, and then crushed.

Energy-saving ball mill is widely used in cement, silicate, new building materials, refractory materials, fertilizer, black and non-ferrous mineral processing as well as glass, ceramics and other manufacturing industries. It can do dry or wet grinding on a variety of ores and other grind-able materials. Compared with the traditional ball mill, energy-saving ball what the application of the technology that matches the motor power can be reduced by 18 - 25%, saving lubricants 70%, saving 90% of the cooling water, comprehensive energy saving of more than 20%. Under normal circumstances, ten years without replacing the main bearings, saving a lot of maintenance costs, saving time and labor; main bearings lubricated with grease, clean and convenient, eliminating the heavy metals pollution. Using the product that can be without changing production technology parameters and the mill assembly dimensions and installation dimensions. It is both for the energy-saving technological transformation of the existing mill and also for manufacturing the new mill.

manganese ore flotation machine

manganese ore flotation machine The main flow of Manganese ore flotation machine: In the flotation process, the ups and downs of the mineral are almost nothing to do with the mineral density. Such as chalcopyrite and quartz, the former density of 4.2, and the latter is 2.68, but the heavy mineral chalcopyrite is very easy to float and quartz instead sink to the bottom. The study found that minerals of floatability and its affinity to water the size of an affinity with the water, the water wetting of the mineral difficult to attach to the bubbles to float. The mineral that has small affinity to the water and difficult to be wetted is easy to float upward. Flotation similar to other beneficiation methods that must do the sorting of materials before the preparatory work, that is, ore grinding must through the classification that can achieve to suitable for flotation concentration fineness.

In addition, the flotation has a few following basic operations: 1. Adjustment of the slurry and flotation agent to join. The purpose is to cause the difference of the mineral surface properties, that is changing the wettability of the mineral surface, regulating the selectivity of the mineral surface, and some mineral particles can be attached to the gas saturation, while others can not be attached to the bubble. 2. The stirring and cause a lot of bubbles. With the help of the inflatable flotation machine stirring, resulting in pulp air dispersion and the formation of large bubbles or causes the air to form micro-saturated precipitation in the soluble pulp. 3. The mineralization of the bubble. Mineral particles selectively attach to the bubbles, which are the basic behavior in the flotation process. Flotation is a mineral moist and wet-based dressing. The nature of the mineral easy to float with the difficult floating generally known as mineral floatability. Flotation can float the difference is the use of mineral separation of minerals. In modern flotation process, the application of flotation reagent is especially important, because by the flotation reagent handling, you can change the mineral floatability of minerals can be selectively attached to the bubble to float, so as to achieve the purpose of beneficiation.

manganese ore Shaker Shaker manganese ore beneficiation process is to re-tilt the bed surface, the mineral particles group into the mine shafts from the angle of the bed surface, while horizontal flushing water to the sink supply so mineral particles in the gravity and lateral water momentum, inertia and friction of the bed for reciprocating asymmetric movement under gravity and particle size stratification and along the bed surface for the longitudinal motion along the inclined bed for lateral movement . Therefore, the specific gravity and grain size of different mineral particles gradually along the direction of movement from A side to B side scaled, were discharged from the concentrate side and the different areas of the tailings side, and finally divided into concentrate, ore, and the tail mine.

Manganese ore 6-S shaker is a physical mineral processing equipment, it is mainly used for the selection of gold, silver, lead, zinc, tantalum, niobium, tin and other rare metals and precious metal ore. 1,6-S-type shaker with high rich ore , high sorting efficiency and high sorting accuracy; 2, Reasonable structure, easy operation and easy to adjust the stroke; 3.The wide processing range and high processing capability; 4,The change cross fall and stroke still maintain a running balance of the bed; 5, The spring is placed in the cabinets an it has a compact structure; 6, It can be obtained the final concentrates and final tailings at once.

manganese ore FRP spiral chute

manganese ore FRP spiral chuteManganese ore FRP spiral chute is a combination of spiral concentrator, spiral chute, shaking table, the characteristics of the centrifugal concentrator equipment that is the best equipment for mining and ore dressing. It is more desirable for the placer mining in the waterfront, riverside and sand beach. The product has the characteristics of reasonable structure, simple installation, small footprint, simple operation and stable, mineral processing, ore clearly points, large capacity, high efficiency, high dressing enrichment , high recovery rate and reliable operation. It has the advantages of lightweight, moisture, rust, corrosion resistance, adaptability to the fluctuations in ore concentration, particle size, grade and noise-free.

This device is suitable for sorting particle size 0.3 - 0.02 mm fines of iron ore, ilmenite, chromite, pyrite, zircon, rutile, monazite and phosphorus ore, tungsten ore, tin, tantalum ore, niobium ore, as well as differences in the proportion of other non-ferrous metals, rare metals and non-metallic mineral body. This equipment has the advantages of sorting process is stable, easy to control, to allow changes to the mineral concentration range, enrichment is high, and high recovery rate, small footprint, water consumption, simple structure, without power, large capacity, easy to install, easy to operate, invest in small and quick, and others.

manganese ore applications:

manganese ore applications

Manganese is an indispensable raw material for steel industry.
Manganese is a kind of extremely strong reducing agent and it can absorb all the oxygen from the molten steel to make steel without iron oxide that to be a non-porous ingot. Secondly, manganese is an excellent sulfur agent. It can remove all the sulfur in the molten steel and at the same time add a small amount of manganese in the steel can be substantially increased the mechanical properties of steel, such as ductility, malleability, toughness and wear resistance ability.
Manganese steel, ferromanganese, and manganese and copper, aluminum, nickel, cobalt alloys and manganese compounds have a great use in the industry.
1. In ferrous metallurgy: We use iron of superior grade manganese ore can smelt standard ferromanganese.
2, In non-ferrous metallurgy: an alloy of manganese and copper in the manufacture of anti-corrosion metal container.
In the chemical industry: Manganese dioxide (pyrolusite) in the manufacture of dry cell batteries can be used as a negative agent and in the chemical industry it can manufacture paint desiccant.

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