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dolomite processing equipment


What is dolomite:

Dolomite is the carbonate minerals that divided into ankerite and manganese dolomite. It crystal structure as calcite and often with a rhombohedron. When it encounters cold diluted hydrochloric acid the bubble will be out slowly, and some dolomite in the cathode ray irradiation it can issue an orange light. Dolomite is the main mineral components which composed of dolomite and dolomitic limestone. The pure dolomite is white; and with iron is gray; after weathering is brown. Marine sedimentary origin of dolomite often associated with siderite layer, limestone layers interbedded outputs. In the lacustrine sediments, dolomite with gypsum, anhydrite, rock salt, potassium stone salt symbiosis.

dolomite Processing technic

dolomite Processing technic Dolomite of the extensive application makes Shanghai Xuanshi combined with the many advantages of the past milling machinery and equipment, give full consideration to the needs of production and processing in the new environment that we produce a systematic technology upgrades of dolomite milling equipment. Whether dolomite production processing or other ores class of materials processing, have shown more in line with modern energy saving and large, efficient production requirements.

Dolomite grinding mill is the bulk material through the crusher broken into small particles by the elevator into the storage silos, and then through the vibration feeder and the tilt of the feed tube, make the material evenly to the turntable of the upper part of the scattered reel. Material scattered to the circle surrounding under the effect of centrifugal force and fall into the grinding ring of raceway by ring roller impact, rolling and grinding, after the processing of three-ring road into powder. High pressure draught fan through the pumping action of the external air inhalation machine, and make the crushed material into selected powder machine.The spin impeller of selected powder machine make coarse material fall down and re-grinding.The fine powder what meet the requirements follow airflow enter whirlwind selected powder machine and then discharge, and the airflow with a small amount of fine dust discharged through blower and muffler after the purification of the pulse dust collector.

The necessary equipment:

dolomite jaw crusher

Dolomite Jaw Crusher working environment: In the process of making the huge stones broken into small stones, the first crusher is often referred to as the "master" crusher. Jaw Crusher feeding the material from the top of the entrance into the crushing chamber containing the jaw teeth. Jaw tooth makes material top to the wall with great force, will be broken into smaller stones. Support the movement of the jaw teeth is an eccentric axis that runs through the body architecture. Eccentric exercise is usually fixed at both ends of the shaft flywheel. Flywheel and eccentric support bearings are often used spherical roller bearings and the bearing's working environment is extremely harsh. Bearings must withstand large impact loads, abrasive sewage and high temperature. Although this work environment is extremely harsh, jaw crusher still need to work very reliably, which is to ensure production efficiency.

The broken way of Jaw Crusher is bend moving extrusion type what motor driven belt and pulley and through the eccentric shaft make the movable jaw up and down movement. When the rise of the moving, jaw angle between toggle plate and moving jaw becomes larger, thus promoting the movable jaw plate close to the fixed jaw plate, at the same time the material being squeezed, rubbing, grinding, and multiple broken. When moving jaw downstream, angle become small between toggle plate and moving jaw, the movable jaw plate under the lever action of the spring move away from fixed jaw board, at this time the broken material discharged from the crushing chamber under the mouth. In the wake of continuous rotation with the motor, the movable jaw of jaw crusher for periodic crushing and nesting to achieve mass production.

Dolomite Sand Making machine working principle:

dolomite-sanding making machine

The whole Centre for the feeding: material falling into the hopper of sand making machine, through center feeding holes into the rejection of high-speed rotation of the wheel, thrown round rapid acceleration, the acceleration of up to tens of times the acceleration due to gravity, and then high speed from the rejection of the wheel within the shot. Firstly hit another part of the material and the free-fall after the rebound, then with the impact of the lining materials (stone strike stone) or counterattack block (iron strike the stone), rebound oblique impact on the top of the vortex chamber, but change its direction of motion, deflected downward movement, emitted from the impeller material impact to the formation of a continuous material curtain. In this way, a material in the vortex crushing cavity by two to repeatedly chance of impact, friction and grinding broken.The broken material discharged from the lower part of the discharge opening. Center feed to accompany the circular waterfall drop feed: material falling into the sand making machine feed hopper, falling by circular hole, are plate is divided into two shares of material, an high-speed rotating thrown round the sub-feed pan and the other shares fall four weeks from the sub-feed pan. Thrown round to enter the material, thrown round the rapid acceleration, the acceleration of up to tens of times the acceleration due to gravity, then high-speed injection from the rejection round, first broken with another part of the material impact of the free fall around the feeder, and then with impact to the vortex cavity vortex lining material lining on the rebound, oblique impact on the top of the vortex chamber, but also to change its direction of motion, deflected downward movement, but also with the materials emitted from the impeller impact the formation of a continuous material curtain. In this way, a material in the vortex crushing cavity to receive the role of two to several times the probability of impact, friction and grinding broken. The broken material is discharged from the lower part of the discharge opening.

dolomite Raymond Mill performance characteristics:

dolomite Raymond Mill 1,The whole three-dimensional structure, small footprint, systematic strong, and from the roughing of raw materials to delivery, milling and final packaging can be its own independent production systems. 2, Refined powder fineness of uniform and pass the screening rate of 99%, which is difficult to have other milling equipment. 3,Machine gears with sealed gear boxes and pulleys that make the transmission smooth and reliable operation. 4, The important component of Raymond Mill use high quality steel and wear parts are made of wear-resistant materials that make the machine has high wear resistance and reliable operation. Host blade knife in the operation is always in contact with the material, so blade knife consists of upper and lower two parts, lower seat wear remove the connecting bolts can be swapped. 5, The electrical system of centralized control, milling workshop can realize unmanned operation basically and easy maintenance. 6, Little dust pollution and low noise. 7, Using the electromagnetic vibrating feeder to feed evenly, easy to adjust, small size, light weight, fuel-efficient power-saving, easy to maintain.

Winnowing process: materials after grinding, the fan will wind White chassis, blowing powder, placed above the grinding chamber of the analyzer for sorting, fine through coarse material to fall into the grinding chamber to re-grinding, fine with the air flow into the cyclone collector collected powder outlet discharge is refined to meet the specifications. Romantic whirlwind collection of the top of the return air duct back into the blower, the wind path is circular, and the flow in the vacuum state, the air volume of the circulating air duct to increase some by fans and host the middle of the exhaust pipe to discharge into the small cyclone collector , for purification.

Dolomite High Pressure Suspension Grinding Mill In the mainframe of Dolomite High Pressure Suspension Grinding Mill mainframe, roll grinding hanger on fastening a 1000-1500 kg powered pressure spring. When the machine start working, grinding roll around the spindle, and under the function of high pressure spring and centrifugal force, keep grinding ring rolling and the rolling pressure is 1.2 times higher than the Raymond Mill in the same dynamic conditions so the yield is much higher. When the grinding material into the grinding chamber, the shovel blade scoop up it into the grinding roller and grinding ring to grind. The powder after grinding with the blower circulating air into the analyzer, qualified with the powder-gas inflow the whirlwind plot of powder become to the finished goods, but the charged particles tablets to regrinding. The circulating wind return air blower to repeat the above process, and the remaining wind entered the bag filter to purify. When the grinding roller and the grinding ring to reach a certain wear and tear, adjust the length of the pressure spring to maintain constant grinding pressure between the roller and grinding ring, in order to ensure stable production and fineness.

The use of dolomite High Pressure Suspension Grinding Mill from should pay attention to: 1,When build the workshop we should be considered on the host must can be hanging 1.5-2 tons of lifting tools for maintenance use. 2, Host and blowers must be level on the basis of reinforced concrete, the whirlwind plot of powder and dust collector concrete watering equipment installed at the feet of surface trenching. 3, When it installation must be sealing gasket between the flange that plus the link pipe .

dolomite grinding mill Applications:

dolomite grinding mill application

Conversion of dolomite can be used as a steelmaking furnace fire-resistant inner layer, slagging agent, cement raw materials, glass flux, ceramic, fertilizer, building and decorative stone, paint, pesticides, and medicine for various purposes. It can be used for building materials, ceramics, glass and refractory materials, chemicals and agriculture, environmental protection, energy conservation and other fields.
(1) The using of the metallurgical industry: Dolomite is mainly used as a flux, refractories, refining of magnesium metal and magnesium compounds in the metallurgical industry.
(2) The using of the building materials industry: When dolomite through appropriate calcined it can process into the dolomite gray, with white, strong adhesion, coagulation strength and good fire resistance, heat insulation performance that suitable for making the interior and exterior paints.
(3) The using of the chemical industry: Dolomite is mainly used for production of magnesium sulfate, light magnesium carbonate and other chemical raw materials.
(4) The using in agriculture: Dolomite can be used as a neutralizer of soil acidity and also can be caused by the use of a class of urea fertilizer in acid, so that increased the crop yield.
(5) As a filler dolomite that can be used for rubber, paper filler.

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