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barite processing equipment


What is the barite:

Barite is the most common barium mineral, its composition of barium is sulfate. It produced in the low-temperature hydrothermal veins, such as quartz - barite veins, fluorite - barite veins, etc., often associated with galena, sphalerite, chalcopyrite, cinnabar symbiosis. Barite can also be produced in the sedimentary rocks of nodule emergence, more than exist in the sedimentary manganese deposit and shallow muddy and sandy sediments. Residual clay deposits in the weathered residual overburden. Barite crystals were large tubular crystals together can sometimes form roses shape or bifurcation of the crystal block, which is known as crested barite. Pure barite is colorless and transparent, and generally it was white, pale yellow, with a glassy luster. The chemical property of barite is stable and it has the characteristics of insoluble in water and hydrochloric acid, non-magnetic and toxicity.

barite Processing technic

barite Processing technic In cement production, the use of barite and fluorite compound mineralizer incorporation has an obvious effect on the promotion of C3S formation, activation of C3S clinker quality improvement. After using the barite and fluorite compound mineralizer in production of white cement, the firing temperature from 1500 ℃ to 1400 ℃, the free CaO content is low, the strength and whiteness have increased.

Adding an appropriate amount of barite in the gangue as raw material of cement raw meal, make the clinker saturated than the low strength of the cement, especially early strength has been greatly improved, which for the comprehensive utilization of coal gangue for the production of calcium, energy saving, high early strength and high strength cement provides a useful way. Asphalt mixtures in road construction, rubber and containing approximately 10% of barite has been successfully used for parking, that is a durable paving material. At present, the tires of heavy road construction equipment have been partially filled with barite, to increase the weight, which will help fill in the compaction of the side areas.

Shanghai Xuanshi barite mill compare to the conventional mill has the incomparable advantages. It applies to the application number of the latest national mill patented technology and it has the characteristics of innovative design, reasonable structure, small footprint, low power consumption, running long life wearing parts, low cost, and cost performance. Its technical performance has reached world-class advanced level.

The necessary equipment:

barite jaw crusher

This barite Jaw Crusher is based on motor power, through motor pulley, by the triangle belt and slot wheel drive eccentric shaft, make the movable jaw for reciprocating movement to a predetermined trajectory, which will enter the fixed jaw plate, movable jaw plate and side retaining board the crushing cavity composed of the materials to be broken, and the finished material discharged through the lower part of the nesting population..

The series of Jaw Crusher is bend moving extrusion type what motor driven belt and pulley and through the eccentric shaft make the movable jaw up and down movement. When the rise of the moving, jaw angle between toggle plate and moving jaw becomes larger, thus promoting the movable jaw plate close to the fixed jaw plate, at the same time the material being squeezed, rubbing, grinding, and multiple broken. When moving jaw downstream, angle become small between toggle plate and moving jaw, the movable jaw plate under the lever action of the spring move away from fixed jaw board, at this time the broken material discharged from the crushing chamber under the mouth. In the wake of continuous rotation with the motor, the movable jaw of jaw crusher for periodic crushing and nesting to achieve mass production.

barite Raymond mill

barite raymond mill

The barite Raymond mill work, crushed materials from the feed hopper of the machine casing side to join the machine to rely on hanging roller device host plum shelves around the vertical axis of revolution, while itself rotationthe role, due to centrifugal force when rotating the roller out swing, pressed on the grinding ring, the shovel blade materials sent between the roller and grinding ring and grinding roller rolling roller compacted crushed materials. Winnowing process: materials after grinding, the fan will wind White chassis, blowing powder, placed above the grinding chamber of the analyzer for sorting, fine through coarse material to fall into the grinding chamber to re-grinding, fine with the air flow into the cyclone collector collected powder outlet discharge is refined to meet the specifications. Romantic whirlwind collection of the top of the return air duct back into the blower, the wind path is circular, and the flow in the vacuum state, the air volume of the circulating air duct to increase some by fans and host the middle of the exhaust pipe to discharge into the small cyclone collector , for purification.

Barite Raymond Mill advantages: 1, three-dimensional structure, small footprint, complete sets of strong; 2, refined powder fineness; 3, transmission is smooth and reliable operation; 4, the wear resistance of the whole and long service life; 5, centralized control and basically can realize unmanned operation.

barite High Pressure Suspension Grinding Mill

barite High Pressure Suspensio Grinding-Mill In the mainframe of barite High Pressure Suspension Grinding Mill mainframe, roll grinding hanger on fastening a 1000-1500 kg powered pressure spring. When the machine start working, grinding roll around the spindle, and under the function of high pressure spring and centrifugal force, keep grinding ring rolling and the rolling pressure is 1.2 times higher than the Raymond Mill in the same dynamic conditions so the yield is much higher. When the grinding material into the grinding chamber, the shovel blade scoop up it into the grinding roller and grinding ring to grind. The powder after grinding with the blower circulating air into the analyzer, qualified with the powder-gas inflow the whirlwind plot of powder become to the finished goods, but the charged particles tablets to regrinding. The circulating wind return air blower to repeat the above process, and the remaining wind entered the bag filter to purify. When the grinding roller and the grinding ring to reach a certain wear and tear, adjust the length of the pressure spring to maintain constant grinding pressure between the roller and grinding ring, in order to ensure stable production and fineness.

Barite High Pressure Suspension Grinding Mill mainly by the host, the fine analysis machine, blower, finished whirlwind plot of powder, bag filter and link the wind pipe. According to user needs can also be equipped with auxiliary equipment to enhance the machine such as a storage silo, electromagnetic vibrating feeder and electrical control cabinet. In the host, and roller components through the cross arm suspension in the roll grinding hanger on, roll grinding hanger with the spindle and blade knife fixed contact pressure spring roller bearings room cantilevered outer end face, cross arm fulcrum to force the grinding rollers tightly pressed on the circular surface grinding ring mounted on the shovel blade on the tool holder and roller synchronous rotating the roller round rolling in the grinding ring at the same time, when the motor through a gear-driven spindle rotation, rotation. Impeller rotation analysis of the motor through a gear-driven machine, the higher the impeller speed, the finer the powder will sub-elected

Barite 6R high pressure suspension grinding mill working principle:

Barite 6R high pressure suspension grinding mill

Material through the jaw crusher, the hoist by the electromagnetic feeder according to the working situation of the host make the material into the grinding zone homogeneity. Then using a shovel blade scooping up the materials sent to the grinding belt which is between grinding roller and grinding ring.Grinding device equipped with high-pressure spring, so that the grinding pressure between the roller and grinding ring increased 1.2 times, while reducing the frequency of the roller device back and forth, to increase stability and improve the work efficiency of the mill. The materials what is a fine power under the effect of the wind in the loop, with the air to rise into the analysis of machine precision of Particle Size, of which does not meet the requirements to return the host to re-grind and the ones which to meet the requirements with the air flow into the cyclone powder collector. The powder carried out from the discharge port and the air return to the fan.

The right amount of airflow is working inside the machine in a cycle by through the pipeline device for the process of grinding. Excess airflow what water evaporation in materials enters into the back wind tube through bag-type dust remover and pulsed dust collector purification and then discharge. Overall part use of Baosteel Group, which produces high manganese steel and made of combination of advanced production technology. Compared with other products, it has rugged, wear-resistant, long life cycle characteristics.

Barite Ball Mill

barite ball mill Barite Ball Mill consists of feeding part, the discharging part, turning part, transmission part (reducer, small driving gear, motor, electronic control) and other parts. The hollow shaft using steel, lined with removable rotary gear casting hobbing process, the body inlay the wear resistant cylinder liner wear what has good wears resistance. The operation of the machine is stable and working reliable. The ball mill hosts main including cylinder, the body inlay cylinder liner what made of wear-resistant materials, and the bearing cylinder maintain its rotating bearing, but also part of the drive, such as electric motors, and transmission gear, pulley, belt etc.. The blade parts what is generally not the main components of the feed inlet of the components of the feed side can be called within the spiral helical blade components in the discharge end of the spout with inner spiral can be called helical blade. In addition, the discharge end of the auxiliary equipment with spiral transport aircraft, the device will be called the parts of the helical blade, but strictly speaking it is not part of the ball mill. According to materials and ways of discharge, you can choose the dry ball mill and wet-lattice-type ball mill.

Energy-saving ball mill, self-aligning double row spherical roller bearings, running small resistance, significant energy saving effect. The cylindrical part, the increase in the original cylinder discharge end of a period of cone cylinder, not only increasing the effective volume of the mill, but also allows the barrel media more rational allocation of. The products are widely used non-ferrous metals, ferrous metals, non-metallic mineral processing field and chemicals, building materials industry for material grinding use.

Barite Jaw Crusher Applications:

barite stone crsuher  Application

Barite is the non-renewable resources and it is one of China's export advantage minerals. It is widely used in petroleum, natural gas drilling mud weighting agent in barium chemicals, fillers and other areas of consumption is growing year by year.

Circulation mud rotary drilling of oil drilling oil and gas wells in the weighting agent cooling the bit, take away the detritus of cutting down, lubricating the drill pipe, closed the hole wall to control the oil and gas pressure, to prevent the well from the spray, the chemical production of barium carbonate, barium chloride, various barium compounds of barium sulfate, lithopone, barium hydroxide, barium oxide and other barium compounds are widely used in the reagents, catalysts, sugar refining, textiles, fire, all kinds of fireworks, synthetic rubber coagulant, plastics, pesticides agent, the surface hardening of steel, phosphor, fluorescent lamps, welding flux, grease additives.

Glass oxygen scavengers, clarifying agents, the flux increase of the optical stability of the glass, luster and strength, rubber, plastics, paints, fillers, credit to agents, weighting agents, construction of concrete aggregates, paving the weight of the marsh area buried pipeline to extend the the road of life.

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