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Marble Crusher

The character of marble stone:
1. Stable physical properties, the material is stable and can ensure the long-term deformation, anti-rust, anti-magnetic and insulating. Marble stone resources are widely distributed, especially in European and Asian, which facilitate large-scale mining and industrial processing.
2. Marble stone is an ideal material used as Interior decoration.
3. Marble stone is a kind of Metamorphic rock, its Mohs hardness is from 2.5 to 5.


Marble stone property
Composition:calcite, limestone, dolomite or serpentine,
Functional use: The gravel and odd bits generated in the process of marble stone mining with marble crusher, are used in the production of artificial stone, terrazzo, rock flour, the materials produced by marble crushercan also be used as filler in coating industry, plastics industry and rubber industry. More generally in construction, specifically the dimension stone trade.


Marble Crusher and Grinding Mill Sale
Marble stone can be made into: artificial stone, terrazzo, rock flour, filter, etc. You may use crushing equipment and grinding mill
Recommended Machinery:
Jaw crusher
Impact crusher
Mobile Crusher

Marble crusher used in marble quarry

In order to be used for building materials or industrial powder, marble must be crushed into small pieces. In this marble crushing process, we need marble crusher.

Marble crusher is the common marble mining machinery that used for crushing marbles into small size. In marble quarry, there are several mining equipments used in marble crushing and screening plant.

Vibrating feeder is the feeding machine that is used to feed stone materials evenly to the marble crushing machine.

Marble stone crusher machine has several types. Marble jaw crusher is the primary crushing equipment, it is used in primary crushing process in marble crushing plant.Impact crusher and cone crusher is the secondary marble crushing machinery. They are used in secondary or tertiary crushing process. Hammer crusher is used for fine limestone crushing in limestone processing plant, so hammer crusher is also called hammer mill.

Vibrating screen is the Separator machine. It is used to screen out the suitable particles through screen with different sieve pore size.

There are another marble crusher, it is not only used as crushing machine, but also the screening machinery. It is mobile marble crusher or portable crusher. It is installed crushing machine, vibrating feeder, vibrating screen and belt conveyor together.

Marble crushing and grinding process

Marble go through vibrating feeder into jaw crusher for primary crushing, after primary crushing, the marble stones fall into impact crusher or cone crusher for fine crushing. The final materials can be screened out the suitable marble particles using for building materials through screening machine. The unsuitable marbles return to the crushing process for re-crushing.

If you need stone powder, marble have to go through grinding process. We can use ball mill or SCM micro-powder mill as marble grinding machine. The finished size can upto 0.005mm.

Shanghai Xuanshi is a professional stone crusher manufacturer in China, and has formed a complete product-chain that takes crushers and grinding mills as the main products, and vibrating screen, vibrating feeder etc as supplementary products. Now, our products have exported to many countries, such as Libya, South Africa, Vietnam, Indonesia, Philippines, Pakistan, Brazil, Egypt, Zambia etc, and received high popularity. Shanghai Xuanshi not only provide marble stone crusher machine for sale with best price, but also the installation and maintenance service.

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